Roasting Techniques for Filter Coffee and Espresso: Know the Differences

Roasting Techniques for Filter Coffee and Espresso Know the Differences

Roasting Techniques for Filter Coffee and Espresso: Know the Differences – There are many aspects you need to consider in choosing a roasting profile. What kind of roast would you like for the coffee beans, a light roast or perhaps a dark roast. Maybe you are undecided about how you process your coffee and what is the advantage of your roasting curve.

Before starting the roasting process, you must know that brewing methods also play a role and are one of the aspects to consider. In the coffee roasting, there will be better if you also create a different roasting profile for every brewing method. You can create a different roasting techniques for espresso or pour-over. In this different roasting techniques, there are many reasons you should think. To get more know the reasons behind this. Let’s read and comprehend this article until the end.

Why You Need to Distinguishing Roast Profiles for Filter and Espresso

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As we know, the two service methods have different brew methods. When preparing espresso, we force high-pressure hot water through compacted coffee grounds. In this process, there are few opportunities for extraction, so we must use finely ground coffee powder. Then the high-pressure hot water passes through the coffee grounds to facilitate the rapid extraction of compounds from the coffee.

Meanwhile, the filter coffee method has a significantly higher opportunity for extraction. So in this method, people are inclined to use coarser coffee grounds and lower-temperature water. In the pour-over procedure, a large volume of water will be allowed to absorb the existing compounds with consistent time and pressure. The result of the pour-over will have lower acidity and less body compared to espresso.

The dark roast level has bigger pores than the light roast. So this is why medium and dark roast will dissolve and extract more quickly and may be more suitable for different brewing methods than light roast.

Generally, the light roasts are more suitable when using slower extraction methods, such as filter coffee. Meanwhile, darker roasts would be more appropriate with the espresso method.

Different levels of extraction also contribute to the variation in brewing methods. Usually, the one that gets extracted first is fruity and acidity, followed by sweetness, and next is bitterness. So if the coffee doesn’t have enough opportunity to extract the sweet compounds, then the coffee will taste acidic.

Roasting Techniques for Different Brewing Methods

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For espresso, light roast may have a risk of incomplete extraction and taste acidic. So, many people choose to use darker roasts for espresso methods. To make sure the coffee grounds are soluble. But some techniques can make coffee beans more soluble without processing them into a dark roast.

Roasting Techniques for Filter

Filter brewing methods usually highlight the individual flavors of coffee’s flavor notes, so roasting techniques for filters should focus on bringing out the characteristics of the coffee itself. Generally, the longer the process of coffee roasting, the more pronounced the body of the coffee will be, but the acidity and fruitiness may decrease as well.

Typically, coffee beans that undergo longer roasting processes will experience more caramelization. If you want to highlight the fruity taste, ideally roast your coffee beans in a faster development process. For a chocolatey taste, you can try roasting your coffee beans longer.

Roasting Techniques for Espresso

The roasting result for espresso must be easy to soluble than for the filter method. Usually, to achieve coffee beans that are more soluble, people roast the coffee beans for a longer duration without necessarily increasing the temperature or creating a dark profile.

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