The Necessity of Measuring the Moisture Content in Coffee Beans

The Necessity of Measuring the Moisture Content in Coffee Beans-2

The Importance of Measuring the Moisture Content in Coffee Beans – In every stage of the coffee supply chain, you should decrease the moisture in the green bean. To prevent green beans from molding and defects and avoid a decrease in the value of green beans. Ensuring the appropriate moisture content level in green beans will help optimize potential quality and reduce possible issues.

In managing moisture content, a coffee roaster who has taken part in the coffee supply chain has two tasks. The first task is for a coffee roaster to store the coffee beans in a place with a narrow range of humidity that meets the quality standards of coffee beans. It is advisable not to keep the coffee beans for more than one year.

While the second task of a roaster is to responsibly extract the remaining moisture content in coffee beans through the applications of intense heat and pressure, commonly known as coffee roasting. This roasting process will consider the final result of the coffee beans’ quality.

The Ideal Moisture Content in Coffee Beans.

Green Beans

There is no ideal standard of moisture content in coffee beans. Generally, people leave the moisture content in coffee beans at around 10-12%. If the moisture content left is less than 10%, a decline in coffee quality may occur. However, if the coffee beans are too moist, it will increase the risk of mold growth on the coffee beans.

But the moisture content in coffee beans isn’t static. Although the drying process before export can improve the stability of coffee beans, but changes in moisture content may still occur. Environmental factors such as high humidity or excessive heat can cause fluctuations in the moisture content of coffee beans.

Why Measuring Moisture Content is Crucial

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Usually, you will pay for a coffee bean based on its weight. Therefore, the higher moisture content in coffee beans would result in more weight. Leading to higher costs as you would need to pay more for the added weight of the water content in the beans.

Surely you don’t want to experience any losses due to excess or insufficient moisture content in coffee beans. When you receive a sample from a provider, you notice that the sampling you observed stated a moisture content of 11%. During the shipping process, environmental factors such as excessive heat or high humidity may affect the moisture content. As a result, it would be crucial to re-measure the moisture content to ensure accuracy. This measurement will help you to know does the moisture content is following what is indicated on the sample. Thus reducing the likelihood of experiencing losses.

In addition to sample checking, a roaster needs information about accurate moisture content. Considering the loss of moisture content and the decline in quality over time thus enables you to make informed purchasing and consumption decisions with your coffee beans.

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