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Pratter ® is an Indonesian-Made Premium Artisan Coffee Roaster Machine 
for Coffee Shops, Coffee Processor, Roasters and Industrial purposes. 

Why Choose Pratter?

Pratter features and advantages

Solid Drum Type

Solid drum type, with special alloy cast iron. Additional PTFE liner for excellent heating and keep cleanest aroma and zero contaminate.

Blue Flame Burner

Using special Blue-flame Burner support by POLIDORO-Italy.​

Linear Speed Control

Drum speed adjustable up to 100 rpm​. For explore excellent roasting. Controller speed with electrical inverter.

Solid Drum Type

Blue Flame Burner

Linear Speed Control

Precision Thermal Control

High Precision thermal control for accurate roasting temperature.

Direct Drive Drum

Driver motor one line to drum roasting High efficiency, low maintenance, and low friction and silent run. Support by SUMITOMO DRIVES TECHNOLOGIES-Japan.

Durable Parts

Our parts use strong materials and have a long term usability

Precision Thermal Control

Direct Drive Drum

Durable Parts

About Pratter Coffee Roaster

Who We Are?

Pratter Indonesia Coffee Roaster – In 2017, we were entrusted with supporting government programs in empowering coffee products in several regions in Indonesia. Seeing the market potential and existing resources, we believe Indonesia can make its own quality coffee roasting machine. With our technical support, in 2018 we started to research, design and fabricate coffee roasters at our small garage.

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Our Products

Pratter Products Line Up

Coffee Roaster Machine 1.5kg - Pratter Coffee Roaster Indonesia


1.500 gr/batch
Premium Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

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Coffee Roaster Machine 3.0 kg - Pratter Indonesia Coffee Roasting Machine


3.000 gr/batch
Premium Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

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Coffee Roaster Machine 5.0 kg - Pratter Indonesia Coffee Roasting Machine


5.000 gr/batch
Premium Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

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Coffee Roaster Machine 12kg


12.000 gr/batch
Premium Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

» Machine Detail

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What Our Customers
Are Saying!

They Use Pratter and They Are Satisfied

Aswin Mahu
Aswin MahuKopi Niran
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"Depresso is the feeling when you run out of coffee roasted by Pratter"
Lian Purba
Lian PurbaAloya Coffee
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"For perfect roasting result, i can only trust Pratter"
Halim Wirawan
Halim WirawanPrasojo Coffee
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"Whatever the variable, Pratter can do the best of all"
Rani Mayasari Partadiredja
Rani Mayasari PartadiredjaJava Halu Coffee Farm
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"With high production loads and quality demands, Pratter was able to fulfil our needs with durability and consistency, as well as excellent after-sales service."

Latest Articles

Product Update and Coffee Knowledges

Indonesia Coffee Roaster Machine

(EN) The Indonesia coffee roaster machine exemplifies precision and efficiency in the art of coffee roasting. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these machines are designed to enhance the flavor profiles of coffee beans. Equipped with advanced temperature control mechanisms, they ensure that the roasting process is finely tuned to extract the nuanced flavors and aromas characteristic of world coffee varieties. to bringing out the best in each batch.

Furthermore, Indonesia coffee roaster machines boast robust construction and user-friendly interfaces, making them suitable for both commercial roasteries and artisanal coffee shops. With customizable roasting profiles and precise airflow control, roasters can tailor the process to suit their specific preferences and achieve consistent results batch after batch. Whether it’s a small-scale operation seeking to refine its craft or a larger enterprise aiming for scale and efficiency, the Indonesia coffee roaster machine stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the pursuit of perfecting the coffee roasting experience.

Mesin Sangrai Kopi Indonesia

(ID) Mesin sangrai kopi Indonesia memiliki keunggulan dalam kepresisian dan efisiensi dalam produksi. Dibuat dengan perhatian detail yang teliti, mesin-mesin ini dirancang untuk meningkatkan profil rasa dari biji kopi. Dilengkapi dengan mekanisme kontrol suhu canggih, untuk memastikan bahwa proses roasting di lakukan dengan baik untuk mengekstraksi rasa dan aroma yang halus yang khas dari berbagai varietas kopi dunia untuk menghasilkan yang terbaik dari setiap batch.

Selain itu, mesin-mesin sangrai kopi Indonesia memiliki konstruksi yang kokoh dan inteface yang ramah pengguna, membuatnya cocok untuk kedai-kedai kopi komersial maupun kedai kopi artisanal. Dengan profil sangrai yang dapat disesuaikan dan kontrol aliran udara yang tepat, para roaster dapat menyesuaikan proses untuk sesuai dengan preferensi mereka dan mencapai hasil yang konsisten. Baik itu operasi skala kecil besar, mesin sangrai kopi Indonesia ada sebagai bukti inovasi dan keunggulan dalam upaya untuk perkembangan dan kemajuan industri kopi di Indonesia.

Pratter Product Profile Download.

This pdf will help you understand what kinds of Pratter technologies are currently available and specification.

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