Get to Know How to Store Coffee Beans Properly

Get to Know How to Store Coffee Beans Properly-1

Get to Know How to Store Coffee Beans Properly – May you already know that to release a flavor and aroma in coffee beans will need a process called coffee roasting. But did you know if the roasted beans aren’t stored properly, roasted beans will lose their flavor and aroma. Even this also happens to grounded coffee beans. You won’t be able to preserve the smell and taste of coffee beans by storing them in an airtight container.

If you store coffee in the wrong place and manner, it can cause changes in the taste of the coffee beans, making them no longer taste fresh. There will be many things to consider when storing coffee, whether it’s in the form of roasted beans or ground coffee. Read the following information to learn more about storing coffee beans.

4 Main Enemies that Must be Avoided by Coffee Beans

When storing ground coffee or roasted beans, you should pay attention to temperature, light, air, and humidity. Here we will explain why you should pay attention to those four things when storing ground coffee or roasted beans.

ground coffee and sunlight


It’s highly not recommended to store ground coffee or roasted beans in a place that has a high temperature. If the coffee beans are placed at a high temperature, then the beans will become moist and result in the growth of mold that can damage the coffee beans. It would be better to store the coffee beans in a place that has a room temperature and also make sure the location is dry and dark to avoid light.


Avoid the coffee beans from sunlight. Always make sure not to expose your coffee beans to sunlight. Coffee beans that are moist due to prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the flavor to be damaged and musty smelling.


Store your coffee beans in an air tight container. Don’t let your coffee beans prolonged contaminated with oxygen. If the oxygen contaminates the coffee beans for too long, the oxygen will damage the flavor of coffee beans and shorten their shelf life. The more you let oxygen absorbed into coffee beans, the faster coffee beans experience oxidation.


The humid air will cause coffee beans to become damp and moldy. Fluctuating air temperature can cause coffee beans to become moist and dewy. Therefore, it can cause mold in coffee beans. Always use a clean container made of a material that is not hot to store the coffee beans.

How to Store a Coffee Based on its Form

Storing Green Beans

Storing green beans is easier compared to storing roasted beans or ground coffee. You can put them in a plastic or paper bag. Store the green beans in a place that have room temperature, chilly, dry, and not exposed to sunlight.

Storing Roasted Beans

roasted beans

Storing whole roasted beans will be better in an air tight container. And it has a frosted side of the container to prevent sunlight from penetrating. Make sure to store roasted beans in a chilly and dry place. If you buy roasted beans, you can also put them back in the original packaging and tightly seal them after taking out the coffee beans.

Storing Ground Coffee

Same as whole roasted beans, ground coffee is best stored in an airtight container and a frosted side. Ground coffee has shorter shelf life than whole roasted beans. It’s because that ground coffee can easily absorbs air and can’t lock in the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans for a long time. Therefore, store ground coffee tightly in a container to prevent too much air from entering. Put your ground coffee in a place that has room temperature, dry, and chilly.

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