Pre-Blending vs Post-Blend, Which One is Better?


Pre-Blending vs Post-Blend – People who love coffee are becoming more and more interested in something called “blend coffee.” It’s become very popular with coffee lovers because it adds a lot of different and unique flavors to the coffee.

This trend started when coffee became popular. Roasters started trying out mixing different kinds of coffee beans from various places to make the taste unique and special. This way, they could make the coffee taste just how they wanted it to, even saving some money.

What is Coffee Blend?


A coffee blend is when you mix two or more types of coffee. Usually, they use beans from different places, but one type of coffee is the base part of the mix. Blended coffees can contain up to five different types of beans from various regions or countries.

Blending coffee has a significant advantage: it helps balance, enhance, and tone down the main characteristics of each coffee bean. This makes the blend tastes more rounded and consistent. Sometimes, people use blending to save money by mixing high-quality with lower-quality coffee. Here are some facts about coffee blending :

  1. Quite tricky – When people create a blend, they have to think about what type of coffee to use, how it tastes, how much each coffee should be, how it’s roasted, and the roasting profile.
  2. Interesting coffee flavors – When done correctly, Blending two or more types of coffee brings out special and unique flavors.
  3. Variety of names – The name given to a coffee blend can be based on the creator’s preference or a word that fits a theme.

When to Start Blending Coffee?


When it comes to blending coffee, there are two ways to do it: before and after roasting. They call it Pre-Blend and Post-Blend. The choice between these two methods depends on what the roasters like. Things like how it tastes, how consistent it is, and how flexible the coffee beans are can help them decide which blending method to use.

Pre-Blend Coffee


Pre-Blend Coffee is when you mix different coffee beans before they get roasted. It’s like putting different flavors of coffee beans in one batch, and then they all get roasted together.

This method allows the roasted coffee beans to share their flavors and heat. But we caution to be careful because each type of coffee bean needs a different amount of time and process to roast perfectly. When put together, some beans may be too dark (over-roasted) and others too light (under-roasted).

Pre-Blend is a good option for roasters who already have a specific recipe and coffee beans that have similar characteristics. This makes it easier for them to make a lot of coffee quickly.

Post-Blend Coffee


Post-Blend Coffee is when you mix different coffee beans after roasting them separately. This way, the unique flavors of each coffee bean can be kept while ensuring that the coffee has a balanced taste in terms of body, acidity, and sweetness.

With this method, roasters can have more freedom to try different ratios of coffee blends to create new and unique combinations. But it takes more time, extra equipment, and help to roast different types of coffee beans. Post-Blending also presents challenges for roasters to achieve consistent results.

Pre-Blend or Post-Blend?


It’s up to the roasters to decide. If they want to make a lot of coffee that has a consistent taste, it’s better to use the Pre-Blend method. But if they want to focus on making specialty coffee for a smaller market, then the Post-Blend method is a good choice.

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