Know Every Component of a Coffee Roasting Machine

Know Every Component of a Coffee Roasting Machine

Know Every Component of a Coffee Roasting Machine – Coffee roasting is the process of roasting green beans. This process plays a crucial role in creating the unique and distinct flavor of the coffee. Surely coffee roasting will need many tools. And this time, the coffee roasting processing has been simplified with various available machines. These machines are usually known as coffee roasting machines.

To operate coffee roasting machines appropriately, you must be able to understand each component that exists in the engine. Understanding the parts of the coffee roasting machines will help you to achieve better roasting results. Even understanding the function of each component will make it easier for you to perform maintenance on the roasting machine. You can read the following article until the end to learn about every part of a coffee roasting machine.

Control Panel

Control Panel

The control panel has a function to adjust the coffee roasting process, starting from the initial heating of the drum to the final stage of coffee bean cooling. Usually, the control panel serves as a place to adjust the temperature, time, and drum rotation speed.

Bean Hopper

Bean Hopper

A bean hopper is a container used to receive green beans that are poured into the machine before the roasting process begins. Typically, a bean hopper is located on top of the machine and can vary in capacity. On the bean hopper, there is a toggle lever that also helps you to regulate coffee bean flow from the bean hopper to the roasting drum.


The drum is the place where one roasts coffee beans in the roasting process. The role of the drum is crucial in creating the quality of coffee beans. The capacity of this drum also varies greatly depending on the type and model of the machine. Inside the drum, there is an agitator or stirring system that will agitate the coffee beans during the roasting process. This system will help the drum to agitate the coffee beans so they can mature evenly.

Observation Window

Observation Window - Sampling Spoon - Discharge Port

The observation window is a window located on the outside of the coffee roasting machine. Generally, people use the observation window to observe the coffee bean roasting process. The window is made of heat-resistant glass or other transparent materials that can withstand high temperatures. Considering that the temperature inside the machine is hot, it is necessary to exercise caution while observing the coffee beans from the window to avoid the risk of burns.

Sampling Spoon

A sampling spoon is a tool used to collect samples from the roasting process of coffee beans. By taking samples during the roasting process, we can see and periodically ensure the quality of the roasting process of coffee beans. This spoon is long enough to collect samples of coffee beans from inside the machine.

Discharge Port

The discharge port is a type of door that connects the drum to the cooling tray. After finishing the coffee roasting, you will need to open the door, and coffee beans will fall from the drum to the cooling tray.

Cooling Tray

coffee roasting method

The cooling tray is a container for cooling down the coffee beans. After the roasting process, the cooling tray will contain the coffee beans that come from the drum. The cooling tray also has an air circulation system that can help accelerate the coffee beans’ cooling process. There is also a tool that aids in the coffee bean cooling process, which is a stirring system that is useful for accelerating the coffee bean cooling process.

Chaff Collector

A chaff collector is a device used to collect and control the dust, skin, or husk of coffee beans that peel off during coffee processing. On the chaff collector, there is a fan that will suck air along with the dust, skin, or husk of coffee beans into the filter. Chaff collectors also help reduce dust emissions or fine particles in the surrounding area and maintain the cleanliness of the roasting machine.

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